The scholarships will be awarded to students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs related to the health and well being of senior citizens in the province of British Columbia, be it hands-on care, research or in an administrative capacity.

Scholarships for students in post graduate programs will be awarded in the amount of $1,000 each.

Scholarships for students in programs of no less than six months will be awarded in the amount of $500 each.

Following are the criteria to be considered as a basis for awarding the scholarships, regardless of the program in which the student is enrolled.

1. The application cover sheet must be completed

2. Applicants will complete a letter of application

3. Academic standing will be a primary consideration (supporting documentation from university/college must be included)
4. Financial need will also be considered

5. Applicants will supply a letter of reference

6. The Scholarship Society  will have the final say on the recipients of the scholarships.


Further information may be obtained by contacting the Scholarship Society President,

Betty Bolton