The British Columbia Old Age Pensioners’ Organization was instituted in 1932 and incorporated in 1937. Our organization promotes all matters pertaining to the welfare of the elder citizens of BC.


It presents resolutions to various levels of government and its agencies on issues that have been voted on and passed by members at the annual convention.


This organization is concerned with all aspects of seniors’ lives, including, pensions, taxation, finances, health issues, home support, medicare and Pharmacare, housing and rental issues, social safety, abuse, neglect, fair treatment and loneliness.


In 1982 the B.C. Old Age Pensioners’ Organization established a Scholarship Society which provides scholarships to students in gerontology.

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B.C. Old Age Pensioners’ Organization is a non-partisan organization instituted in 1932 for the purpose of identifying and supporting issues of importance to seniors.

We work with various organizations and community partners to promote the concerns of seniors.



Branches are organized throughout the province of British Columbia. Each Branch sets its own agenda for activities and establishes its own programs. Guest speakers are invited to help keep seniors informed about current events that affect their lives.

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Scholarship Society

We award scholarships to students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs related to the health and well being of senior citizens in the province of British Columbia, be it hands-on care, research or in an administrative capacity.

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