British Columbia Old Age Pensioners Association
             More Than 80 Years Service to Seniors
       Assisting Senior Citizens of British Columbia
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 British Columbia Old Age Pensioners' Organization

Celebrating 85 Years of Serving to Seniors' Issues


At the June 2012 Convention delegates approved a name modification to address concerns raised by members over the last several years that the term “Old Age Pensioners” which was suitable terminology in the 1930’s is now outdated for an active seniors’ organization with members spanning generations.  As a result, while the legal name of the organization remains as BRITISH COLUMBIA OLD AGE PENSIONERS' ORGANIZATION, some branches may prefer to refer to themselves as the BRITISH COLUMBIA PENSIONERS’ AND SENIORS’ ORGANIZATION.


The British Columbia Old Age Pensioners’ Organization was instituted in 1932 and incorporated in 1937.  Our organization promotes all matters pertaining to the welfare of the elder citizens of BC. It presents resolutions to various levels of government and its agencies on issues that have been voted on and passed by members at the annual convention.


This organization is concerned with all aspects of seniors’ lives, including, pensions, taxation, finances, health issues, home support, medicare and Pharmacare, housing and rental issues, social safety, abuse, neglect, fair treatment and loneliness. 


In 1982 the B.C. Old Age Pensioners' Organization established a Scholarship Society which provides scholarships to students in gerontology.



B.C. Old Age Pensioners' Organization is a non-partisan organization instituted in 1932 for the purpose of identifying and supporting issues of importance to seniors.

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B.C. Old Age Pensioners' Organization has branches throughout the Province of British Columbia.